Grand Guignol

Grand Guignol

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April 1st  8pm
April 2nd  8pm
April 3rd  3pm  

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For more information you can call Kimbra 917 859-6409

Hub 17  at 73 Wave Street, Staten Island NY, 

is proud to be sponsering 3 nights of performance theatre featuring five plays that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  
Because of the intimate setting,  audience space is limited . We suggest you purchase tickets in advance.  You can purchase tickets at the door, but there is no guarantee their will be an empty seat. 

There is nothing like this on Staten Island. The Grand Guignol (The theatre of Horror) started in France in the late 1800's and continued for over sixty years. Hub 17 will be paying homage to this style of theatre with their own original plays and performances.  

 From the moment of entrance, you can expect a feeling of eeriness and uneasiness.  The plays include an array of questionable characters, filled with intensity and also humor.  We are honored to have gifted writers, directors, actors and professional tech folks working with us.  


Hosted by Doug LaTourette
Plays included are:


INADMISSIBLE (Lizzie Borden)

Written by:Kimbra Eberly

Directed by: Lawrence Schwabacher

Lizzie Borden - Vivian Vasser

Reporter - Margaret Chase

Emma Borden - Mary Campbell

Abby Borden- Cassie Lola Arizmendy

Andrew Borden- Hector Bosa

Filmmaker - Kenny Graham



Written by - Brooke Haramija

Directed by -Jodi Garda

Mary old woman -Dori Aspinwall

Young Sam -Tyler Cucciniello

Young Mary- Carissa Pignatelli

Doctor-Michael Somogyl



Directed & Written by- Kimbra Eberly

Stu the ghost hunter- Mike Veasey

NIKI- Brooke Haramija

ROOM 309

Written by - Christopher Mancusso

Directed by - Mike Veasey  

Dr. Mason - Daniel Wuerdman

Pedro - Calvin Motte

Amanda Wilks- Rina Sklar Dabdoub

Zombie- Chris Mancuso



Written by Lawrence Schwabacher

Directed by Lawrence Schwabacher

Travis- Ray Vazquez

Jessie- June Chen

Penelope- Shani Mitchell

Barry- Anthony Casiano


Also performing are
Douglas LaTourette - Poetry and the Ringmaster of the night, featuring (the severed head)
The DaDa group - performance art
A musical interlude - Rina Sklar Dabdoub


Douglas LaTourette- Producer/ Poet/ Artist

Kimbra Eberly- Producer/Writer/Director/sound

Kenny Graham- Technical Director 

Miriam Silver- Technical / lights

Brooke Haramija- Writer /Actress

Chris Mancuso- Writer /Actor

Larry Schwabacher- Writer/ Director

Vivian Vasser- Performance art / Actress

Mary Campbell- Performance art / Actress

Margaret Chase -Actress

Mike Vessey- Actor / Director

Jodi Garda - Director

Dorri Aspinwall - Actress

Casrissa Pignatelli - Actress

Daniel Wuerdeman - Actor

Calvin Motte-Actor

Michael Somogyl- Actor

Hector Bosa - Actor

Tyler Cucciniello - Actor

Shani Mitchell-Actress

June Chen-Actress

Anthony Casino-Actor

Ray Vazquez- Actor 

Rina Sklar Dabdoub- Actress, musician

Jay Sayers- Carpentry

Patti Kelly - Artist/ Installation assist

Stephanie Kosinski - Artist/ Installation

Caitlin Alyce Arizmendy - Make up / Special Effects

Cassie Lola Arizmendy -Make up assist /Actress

Aaron Wineman - Special Effects

David Altair- Severed head mechanics/design

For more information you can Call Kimbra at 917-859-6409

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