Hub 17 Open House
12:00 PM12:00

Hub 17 Open House

File Jan 10, 8 44 02 PM.jpeg

Attention: creative artist, entrepreneurs,small organizations and not-for-profits. Hub 17 is a Gallery and Studio located 73 Wave Street. In the gallery you'll get info on the many ways the space has been used. In the studio there will be a photo shoot in progress with a local brand, complete with hair and makeup artist. Come and find out more about what you can do at the Hub.

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Post Holiday Toy Drive
12:00 PM12:00

Post Holiday Toy Drive

Toy drive.png
Erin 1.jpeg

Hi! My name is ErinKelli Kilbane, and I am an artist and Special Education Teacher in a high poverty school in NYC. Last year I was accepted to the prestigious Teaching Fellows Program, which is an accelerated teaching certification pathway. Along the way I have formed lots of new friends and colleagues across public schools all over NYC, many of them also teaching students Special Needs.

Erin 2.jpeg

More often than not, public school budgets are minimal and are seriously lacking the supplies teachers need to create an engaging curriculum. In situations like these, acquiring necessary materials for instruction falls on our shoulders. We are a creative bunch of educators dedicated to the success of our students, but with limited time and monetary access, the burden becomes stressful. I am advocating for me and all my pedagogical colleagues when I ask for your help! 

Autism causes students to struggle with engagement, and school is no exception. I am constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to help my students remain engaged in instruction. 

ALL learners must be presented material in a variety of ways and given multiple opportunities to access and master a curriculum. 

Students with Autism often struggle with social interactions, activities of daily living, emotion regulation, fine motor skills, developmental cognitive delays, and sensory deficiencies. 

Play is serious learning for my students and the most effective strategy for engagement.

Erin 5.jpeg

Structured play encourages using problem solving skills for real world application. The methods I employ give students an active role in the learning process, rather than just being receivers of content.

I have taken this opportunity to collaborate with Hub17 Studio & Gallery to ask the public for donations of toys, supplies, and materials that otherwise will be discarded, to take to our classrooms. Drop off dates start the first week of January, and I will open the event up to all educators to take what they want free of charge on January 7.

            Give us your unwanted toys and supplies! We will take anything you’re willing to give but specifically look for educational items, office supplies, and items to teach activities of daily living. 

Here is a list of ideas.



Dolls/ Doll Clothes

Toy Cars

Board Games

Dress up Sets

Building Blocks


Sports Equipment

Bean Bag Chairs/ Blankets

Play Matts

Music Players

Stress Balls 


Educational Baby Toys 



Play-Do & Play-Do Toys

Toy Instruments/ Noise Makers

Picture Books/ Story Books



Copy Paper

Paper Clips/ staples

Construction Paper

Markers/ Crayons


Laminating Sheets

Tote Bags

Craft Sets





Dry Erase Markers

Chart Paper

Old Magazines

Folders/ File folders


Pencil Cases/ Storage Boxes

Drop Off Dates:

12/31 12pm - 5pm

1/2 -1/6 1pm -6pm


Erin 4.jpeg
Erin 3.jpeg

email: or txt 718-309-2704

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Ugly Christmas Sweater party
8:00 PM20:00

Ugly Christmas Sweater party

ugly sweater.jpg

Rock That Ugly Christmas Sweater!

We’re Having a Party At The Hub
And Things are Going to Get UGLY
Wear a Ho-Ho-Horrible Holiday Sweater! 
Let's Start The Holidays Off Right and Come Together To
Have One More Dope Party Before The Year Ends!

DJ Grayson Adams
Will Be Spinning All Night To Get You In That
Holly Jolly Mood To Bust A Move!

This Event Is +21 Plus
With A $10 Cover.

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Into the Madness / Back to Sanity
to Nov 19

Into the Madness / Back to Sanity



Into the Madness / Back to Sanity

RUNTIME: 1 hour 20 minutes

Produced by Lawrence F. Schwabacher and Kimbra Eberly

Hub17 - 73 Wave Street, Staten Island NY 10304


Show dates and times

Doors open 1/2 hour before show starts.

Saturday, November 11 - 8pm

Sunday,   November 12 - 3pm

Saturday, November 18 - 8pm

Sunday,   November 19 - 3pm


"The Bacon Man"   

Written by Kimbra Eberly

Directed by Mike Veasey

Monica - Shani Mitchell  

Biker - Christopher Koehler  

Waitress - Helene Bucchieri  


"The Madness of Ivy Rose"   

Written and Directed by Lawrence F. Schwabacher

Selma - Margaret Chase 

Ivy Rose - Leanne Surace  

Mr. Ferris - Dan Wuerdeman  



Written and Directed by Margaret Chase

Younger woman - Shani Mitchell  

Older woman - Milenka Berengolc  



Written and Directed by Lawrence F. Schwabacher

Lady one - Christi Boland  

Lady two - Valerie Boland  


INTERMISSION - 10 minutes


"The Bad Singer"  

Written by Kimbra Eberly

Directed by Mike Veasey

Betty - Marialana DiMarzio  

Chuck - Calvin Mott  

Singer One - J. Montana

Singer Two - Kimbra Eberly

Announcer - Lawrence F. Schwabacher


"Revolution of Kindness"  

Written and Directed by Kimbra Eberly

Margaret - Margaret Chase  

Viv - Helene Bucchieri  

Monica - Shani Mitchell 

Betty - Marialana DiMarzio 



Kenny Graham - tech support

Kimbra Eberly - music production

Louie Lake - tech audio

Miriam Silver - tech lights

Eileen Hanlon - tech cameras

Stephanie Kosinski - Artwork / Trees

Douglas LaTourette - Propmaster for Pendulum

Patti Kelly - Stage Assistant 

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Female Centric
3:30 PM15:30

Female Centric

FemaleCentric is an empowerment event meant to remind women as well as men to celebrate feminine prominence and uplift the women in their own lives. 
Our event opens with an urban fashion show. Followed by an informal public discussion between several panelists. This year at FemaleCentric 3 the focus is on women in male dominated fields. As well as how to inspire your girls to try hobbies and professions outside of the gender norm. The rest of the evening will be conducted as a fluid festival that includes performances by local female legends, photographers, visual artists, poets, and so much more.

While predominantly showcasing women, we are also giving our male counterparts a chance to shine as “gentlemen” for the evening. They are included as helping hands in our music, art, fashion, and intellect production.

As lovers of women we have decided to give back to our female community by making a charity choice. Good Counsel of Staten Island is non-profit that works to improve the lives of women with child. By accepting any pregnant woman, regardless of financial situation into their housing programs. They provide homes for any pregnant women in dire need. This includes teen moms and battered women.

So come out and support the women making moves in this community. 

For more information on the Good Counsel visit

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Forest no. 2
to Aug 20

Forest no. 2

Installation runs Aug 12 - 20, 2017

Forest no. 2 is a group show curated within a forest installation built by SB Kosinski

This show will include the work of Artists

Tianshi Xiao ,Dove Drury ,Kylin O'Brien ,Patti Kelly ,Katie Raffa
Daniel C. Boyer ,Aviva Grossman ,Anastasiya Gutnik
Si Chen ,Hugo Rojas ,Deanna Kei ,Cristina Ferrigno ,Jen Gallo
Rachel Therres ,Michael Shannon ,Brittany DiLeo ,HH Coatl
Katrina Bello, Cailie Mitchell

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Coney Island a Retrospect-Reception
6:00 PM18:00

Coney Island a Retrospect-Reception

robert jaffe flyer1.jpg

This Retrospect was and is an act of love. Shot in Black and White in one day. I used my Nikon F with Pan-X film and my twin lens Rolli with Pan-X film as well. Most of the 35mm film was developed using Dektol (paper developer) because of
the very contrasty sky. The rest, plus the 2-1/4 film were processed normal. All 35mm film was digitized using a
Nikon CoolScan. The 2-1/4 was scanned using a friends scanner. All were scanned using VueScan software.

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Afterlife Conversations
2:00 PM14:00

Afterlife Conversations

Welcome to The AfterLife Conversations. Do you wonder what awaits you once we pass over the great divide? Does it bring up fearful images for you? Well, we dare to go a step closer to understanding the true nature of the transitional process and what may be waiting for us on the other side. This will allow us to lessen our fears, creating the freedom to enjoy our time here on the earth plane while enabling us to discover our passions and uniqueness. 

Join us for a pleasant round table discussion on what awaits us as we cross that threshold to the next level of existence. Refreshments served as we explore the yet unknown. Handouts will be distributed & videos on the subject will be viewed.

Get Tickets Now $10    or     $20 at the door

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The 90's vs 00's Kickback
8:00 PM20:00

The 90's vs 00's Kickback


With the 4th of July coming around and the summer time vibes in the air, you knew it was time for another dope kickback, but this time we're putting the 90's vs 2000's! Time to finally settle the score and decide which era is the best , whatever decade wins we all win with a night full of dope vibes.

Time: Doors open at 8pm
Place: Hub 17
[73 Wave St, Staten Island, NY 10304]
Entry: $10

Dope Vibes Includes
- Live Art
- Art inspired by 90's and 00's culture
- Dance Floor with nothing but classics playing from their respected decade

So come vibe you dont want to miss this gunna be one for the books

((If you would like to be on of the artists featured in the show feel free to message me we still have some slots open!!))
~ Jahtiek Long
p.s you know we finna roll out

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Area 51 at Hub 17 Reception
7:30 PM19:30

Area 51 at Hub 17 Reception

We would like to welcome you to a world unlike anything you've ever seen - Area 51 comes to Hub 17.

Katinka Sattar and Nikki Bacas in their duet debut gallery. This female centric evening will be sure to be filled with their energy and their art, musical performances by Raina Bee, Bri, Lauren Taylor and Gabrielle Depaulo accompanied by our atmospheric DJ Grayson Adams. 

Oh, and don't forget to bring all your conspiracy theories and alien encounter stories - please, we ask that you come with your third eye wide open to enjoy this night with us.

Teamed up with Kenneth Paul Media, Hub 17 and Gabrielle Shlyakh - Nikki and Katinka have been working very hard to bring this gallery together and your support means everything.

See you there.

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Peak Your Performance Seminar with Tony Robbins Strategist
3:00 PM15:00

Peak Your Performance Seminar with Tony Robbins Strategist

Millennial Women Entrepreneurs presents an exclusive afternoon focused on maximizing your unlimited business potential!

We've partnered with National Trainer, Stephen Litman. A business strategist for world renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins. Litman advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of Peak Performance, leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement and sales.

  • Learn the three strategies to immediately start achieving amazing results in any area of your life.

  • Discover the five habits of effective communication.

  • Discover the success cycle and learn how to apply it to every facet of your life.

  • Develop an unshakable mindset that will give you a more healthy and fulfilling life.

  • Determine a clear target of what you want in every area of your life, including your career, body, finances and relationships.

  • Discover the fastest method to doubling sales

  • Gain exclusive access to Tony Robbins' upcoming seminar

Millennial Women Entrepreneurs will provide light snacks and refreshments. All guests will receive an exclusive Tony Robbins gift. Seating is limited to 40 seats. This will also be an ideal networking opportunity to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs in the NYC area, so bring extra business cards! #MillennialWE

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"Urbania" Micro Exhibit Reception
7:00 PM19:00

"Urbania" Micro Exhibit Reception


Jo Cavallo is a lifelong resident of Staten Island and local freelance photographer. Cavallo is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at The College of Staten Island. Cavallo has photographed for the Late Night with Johnny P. Show, which airs on CTV. Cavallo’s freelance clients include East Coast Celebrity, a modeling and talent agency based in Staten Island. Her work has been featured in various local exhibitions, and she was recently named one of SILive’s “Top Instagram Photographers To Follow”.

Cavallo’s love for documentary photography drives her to shoot the streets of the city and forgotten areas of the local landscape, such as the Seaview Farm Colony. This exhibition brings together her passions for photographing the urban, both abandoned and inhabited. 


Special thanks to Chris Verene, Assistant Professor of Photography at the College of Staten Island for his guidance and assistance!
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