A collective of musicians, artists, teachers, organizers, business owners and community volunteers who have come together to create a variety of different educational opportunities for the youth. Located in and around New York City, Projectivity Movement has been instrumental in opening doors for children and adolescents of all backgrounds by helping them identify their passions, develop creative skills, and pursue different crafts and art forms. The people involved have helped create music and art workshops, afterschool programs, art competitions, music concerts, and benefit events. Our goals are to find creative ways to inspire as well as educate children and adults about the potential within themselves along with using practical tools such as technology. 

To be a part of the Projectivity Movement, contact us and let us know your passion and how you would like to be involved. We offer custom technology based programs and workshops as well as organization and sponsorship for live music and art events. There is no limit to what our collective can help produce. If you are a student and are interested in participating in some of the programs, or want the Projectivity Movement at your school, contact us and we'll do our best to make it happen.




Beginning Engineering

Learn how to produce and record music with a computer from a professional Audio Engineer.  This course will walk through all the necessary steps to create music using a computer.  We cover hardware and software setup, basic recording and editing concepts, applying effects and plug-ins, and finally exporting final products.  


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Complete Your Project

Learn the essential steps of taking your vision and turning it into a tangible reality.  Artists often have no trouble finding inspiration and creating amazing works of art, but the challenge often lies in the final execution of presenting that art and promoting it to the public for the world to experience.


In this workshop, we approach our passions and goals in a practical manner and understand the necessary steps to execute a final project.  

Whether it is a public performance, or installing your art, or packaging a final album, or promoting your project online to the world, there are certain steps to consider for the most effective way to approach your goal.


This class is open-format.  We ask participants to bring in a project or concept they want to accomplish, and by going over certain tools and processes, each person will leave with a better understanding of how to complete that project.  We work as a group and share ideas with each other about each vision, and provide resources and information on how to accomplish our end goal.


Requirements: Desire to learn and drive to complete


Cost: $10


Schedule: Once/month

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