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S.B. Kosinski is an interdisciplinary artist who works with found objects, painting, video, and dark humor.

Their work is shown in the NYC area and beyond.

A video of theirs was projected in a space where musician Peaches performed, and a sculpture of Kosinski's was used in a collaborative installation in the New Museum. They presented work in the ground breaking show within Industry City - Come Together: Surviving Sandy Year 1.  Kosinski is a teaching artist in the NYC area. They have done visual work for companies such as  Tacombi, Chelsea Market, and Fashions Night Out. They hold a BFA in Illustration from Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY). Kosinski lives in Brooklyn and works in all five boroughs.


SB Kosinski CV

Fashion Institute of Technology BFA 2011

“The Freak Show” at the Local Project LIC Aug 16th - Sept 8th 2018

“Shaolin into the 36 Chambers” at Snug Harbor Newhouse Center March 10th 2018

"Forest No.2" (Curator) at Hub 17 NYC Aug 12th 2017

"Maker Park Opening (Mural)” at SI Makerspace Jul 15th 2017

"Figment NYC" on Governors Island June 5th 2017

"Forest No.1" (Curator) at SI Makerspace March 11th 2017 

"From Staten with Love" at Hub 17 NYC Feb 11th 2017

“Women Under Siege” at Ceres Gallery NYC Jan 3rd 2017

“The Internet Yami-Ichi in NY 2” at Knockdown Center, Queens Nov 6th 2016

“Hysterical Objects” at Hub 17 NYC Oct 7th 2016

“Figment” at Governors Island NYC June 3rd - 5th 2016

“CSI Tech Incubator" 60 Bay Street S.I. NY April 23rd 2016

“Green Dreams” at Greenbelt Nature Center Staten Island April 9th 2016

“Fragments” at SI LGBT Center March12th - April 2016

Illuminate Stapleton in Tappen Park SI  Oct 9th - 11th 2015

“Mermaids Vs Pirates(mural) at Hub17 NYC Sept 12th 2015

Talking about Feminism” at Hub17 Staten Island Sept 9th 2015

"Divine Feminine at Hub17 Staten Island Aug 13th- Sept 4th 2015

“Fireworks” at 73 Wave st. Staten Island June 27th - Aug 3rd 2015

“Native Sum” at Brooklyn Fire Proof Part of BOS June 6th - Jul 2015

 “Winter Grand Salon at Greenpoint Gallery Brooklyn Feb 6th 2015

Video! Video Dating”at Church of Templehead Chicago Nov 7th 2014

“Self Love is Not Ego/Exposure Type 2” at Brooklyn Fire Proof Aug 7th 2014 

“Come Together Sandy Year 1” Brooklyn Oct 20th - Dec15th 2013

“Baby Teeth Christmas” at Morgan Studios Brooklyn July 27th 2013

“Crest Fest” at Crest Hardware Brooklyn Jun 8th - Aug 31st 2013

“6x6” at Heath Gallery Harlem NYC April 26th 2013

“Thrift” at The Paperbox Brooklyn March 15th 2013

“Shortest Daylight Hours” at Coyle Cavern Staten Island NY Dec 8th 2012

“The New Romantic” at Strange Loop Gallery NYC Oct 20th - Nov 3rd 2012

“Studio Party 1” at ParlorRoom, Brooklyn Sept 21st 2012

“Akneething” at Morgan Studios, Brooklyn Sept 8 - 9th 2012

“Seeking Space” part of BOS at The Loom Brooklyn June 1st - 3rd 2012

“Its a Small Small World” at Family Business Gallery April 3rd -16th 2012

“Beneath Us” at Yippie Museum Cafe NYC Feb 25th - March 8th 2012

“Orgy of Art” at Yippie Museum Cafe NYC Jan 20th 2012

“Epicene” at The A Gallery 27th Street NYC April 8th 2011

Publications / Projects
Her work is published in the Catalogue for Come Together: Surviving Sandy Year 1

Murals and Installations


Forest Show

Forest Show is an ongoing curatorial project where artists can submit work to sell within a forest installation. The installation is at different venues each time and numbered. The most recent group show was Forest No.2. Here are some details below.

Forest No.1 group show at SI Makerspace March 11th 2017

Forest No.1 group show at SI Makerspace March 11th 2017

Forest No.2 group show opening Aug 12th 2017

Forest No.2 group show opening Aug 12th 2017

Detail of Katie Raffa's work in Forest No.1

Detail of Katie Raffa's work in Forest No.1

Detail of Rachel Therres work in Forest No.2

Detail of Rachel Therres work in Forest No.2

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Paintings and Drawings