Vocal Workshop - Find Your Voice

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The use of recording software which contains vocal processing algorithms and digital pitch correction devices are replacing the true voice . In the past, if a producer wanted to record a record with a person, the person would work weeks learning their song improving their tone and diction. Now, the vocals are often processed through time and pitch correction software in order to make their singing sound closer to the that of a trained vocalist.  

Everyone has a unique voice, its just a matter of finding it.  

This first workshop will focus on your individual voice.

We will discuss what you would like to work on or improve.


Instructor: Kimbra Eberly

60 min.

Weekly based on sign-ups



Intro to Audio Engineering and Production

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Learn how to produce and record music and vocals with a computer from a professional Audio Engineer.  This course will walk through all the necessary steps to create music using a computer.  We cover hardware and software setup, basic recording and editing concepts, applying effects and plug-ins, and finally exporting final products. 

Participants will leave with a completed recording along with a certificate of completion for Basic Audio Engineering.  Click on the picture to see more information.

Instructor: Projectivity

120 min

4 weekly sessions 

6:00 pm

Cost: $75


Speed Audio Workshop (SAW)

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In today's fast pace world “the faster we learn, the faster we earn” Welcome to Studio 17’s Speed Audio Workshop! aka “SAW” In this Workshop you will learn and be able to apply the Basic but essential elements of:

1. Beat making/Music Production
2. CD/Computer Based DJing
3. Audio Public Address (PA) system configuration..

This is a 90 min. course.
Class size: 6
Each student will receive a Certificate of completion.
*Class Photo*


Students must be between 12-14 years of age..
Guardian Signature on completed form (no exceptions). Students should bring a Flash Drive to save their projects.

Instructor: Louie Lake

90 min.

Schedule based on sign-ups

Cost: $25