Intro to Video Production

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In this workshop, you will learn how produce, shoot, edit, and export a short video.  Specific areas covered include basic video camera settings and video formats, setting up scenes, shooting, different editing software, best practices for exporting and uploading your video.  You will use professional studio equipment including lighting, green screens, boom mics, and editing software.

Instructor: Kenneth Paul Media

120 min.

Monthly based on sign-ups




Complete Your Project

Learn the essential steps of taking your vision and turning it into a tangible reality.  Artists often have no trouble finding inspiration and creating amazing works of art, but the challenge often lies in the final execution of presenting that art and promoting it to the public for the world to experience.

In this workshop, we approach our passions and goals in a practical manner and understand the necessary steps to execute a final project.  

Whether it is a public performance, or installing or showing your art, or packaging a final album, or promoting your project online to the world, there are certain steps to consider for the most effective way to approach your goal.

This class is open-format.  We ask participants to bring in a project or concept they want to accomplish, and by going over certain tools and processes, each person will leave with a better understanding of how to complete that project.  We work as a group and share ideas with each other about each vision, and provide resources and information on how to accomplish our end goal.

Instructor: Projectivity

60 min,

First Tuesday of each month


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Strategic Thinking - Enabling Authentic Monetization

This program is designed for Entrepreneurs in the profit and not-for-profit area of business and community. We also include start up owners and idea persons who want to turn their ideas into concept development and execution. The course is a seven week two hour per week course designed to create effectiveness and birth achievement in your area of consideration.
Many people begin with an “idea.” Idea meets “concept” where thought out action is leveraged with goals to achieve your vision. The “Objectives” portion of the workshop will help you leverage all the activity you need to achieve the goal and encapsulate the execution of that goal into “Who” you are.
When an idea is birthed, it does not mean that you are the right person to carry out the day to day workings of bringing the idea to fruition. We conduct a self analysis that will allow you to write, and produce action to bring your idea to concept. Formulate activities in support of your marketing plan as part of the “execution factor” to bring your message into a qualified network market of people and opportunities that will bring you that much needed social and fiscal result you seek to ascertain.
The program will begin and end where knowledge meets action and finish with the opportunity to pitch your birthed idea inside this program utilizing social media, real world media and networking opportunities. two hour bootcamp session $95  and 7 week intensive class $650 includes one txt book and workbook
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am to 1pm for the bootcamp and 10am to 11:40am for 7 week intensive
Entrepreneurial-Lessons-Encouraging-Values-Aspirations - Targeting -Economic-Self Sufficiency

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